Fitesa is a leader in the nonwoven fabrics industry, specializing in providing innovative fabrics for the hygiene, medical and industrial markets.
  • Mission
    Fitesa develops nonwoven solutions for the hygiene and healthcare industries. We manufacture and sell our products across the globe and build our business on the aligned values of the company and our employees. We are constantly seeking new ways to evolve and grow in dynamic and responsible ways.
  • Vision
    To be the preferred choice for the supply of nonwoven solutions to the global hygiene and healthcare industries.
  • Values
    Trust, Simplicity and Frugality, Respect for Individuals, Transparency, Honesty and Integrity
  • Management Practices
    Empowerment and Responsible Autonomy, Teamwork, Meritocracy, Employee Development, Always Do More and Better with Less


For four consecutive years, Fitesa was ranked #1 by Fundação Dom Cabral as the Brazilian company with largest international presence.
  • 1973
    Fitesa is founded by Chinese Immigrant Sheun Ming Ling to produce pp packaging, carpet backing and staple fibers for textile applications.
  • 1989
    Fitesa starts producing spunbond nonwovens in Gravatai, RS (Brazil).
  • 2006
    Fitesa installs its first state-of-the-art, multilayer nonwovens production line in Gravatai (Brazil), launching the start of our modern era.
  • 2009
    The FitesaFiberweb joint venture is established in the Americas.
  • 2011
    Fitesa becomes the second largest producer of spunmelt fabrics for the hygiene market globally following the acquisition of 100% of the FitesaFiberweb joint-venture and Fiberweb's hygiene business worldwide.
  • 2013
    Fitesa celebrates 40 years of growth; beginning in packaging, carpet and staple fibers, evolving into nonwoven solutions.
  • 2017
    Through the acquisition of Pantex International, Fitesa adds a range of specialty products to its diverse portfolio and a facility in United Arab Emirates to their global footprint.
  • 2018
    Fitesa acquires a majority stake in CNC International, creating FitesaCNC, and driving expansion into SouthEast Asia.
  • 2020
    Fitesa significantly expands its films & elastics business with the acquisition of Tredegar Personal Care. Carded and Meltblown nonwovens production capacities are also increased with the acquisition of Freudenberg Hygiene Brazil and Fiber Dynamics in the US.
  • 2023
    On 2023 we celebrate our 50th anniversary. From the beginning of our history in the South of Brazil to our current position as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of nonwoven solutions, we continue to honor the values and management practices that are the backbone of our business.


Health and Safety Policy (updated: May 04, 2022)

For Fitesa, safety is the number one priority and we are fully committed to having a healthy and safe work place for all of our employees and sub-contractors working at our facilities. We will achieve this by:

– Understanding and fully complying with all applicable legal and other requirements regarding Health and Safety. Following the law is the minimum standard, not the maximum.

– Creating a working environment where all of our employees take responsibility for their own health and safety, and for that of their colleagues. No activity is so urgent that it cannot be performed in a safe manner.

– Proactively working towards prevention of work-related injury and ill health through continual improvement. All injuries are avoidable.

– Considering health and safety aspects when planning changes in the organization, work content and methods, work environment and procurement of new equipment and services. We think before we do.

POL-01706-v.3.0 Health and Safety Policy

Quality Policy (updated: Nov 03, 2020)

Fitesa understands the foundation of reaching our goal of being the preferred choice in the market is built through excellence in quality and customer satisfaction.  We will achieve this by:

– Creating an environment where every employee understands the impact of their work on Quality and is driven by a culture that every detail matters. We are never stronger than our weakest link.

– Fully understanding the needs and expectations of our present and potential customers. We know our business and our products better than anyone else.

Investing in know-how and state of the art assets to be able to provide world class products and quality assurance that meet our customers’ requirements and expectations. We deliver what we promise. 

  • Supplying the right product, in the right amount at the right time.
  • Ensuring that our product is free from contamination and unwanted component.
  • Delivering product that meets all the requirements for physical properties.

Continuously developing and improving our management processes, products and services with the aim of being one step ahead of market demands. We come with the solution before the customer comes with the problem. 


Efficiency Policy (updated: Nov 03, 2020)

Fitesa will ensure long term success by managing our time and efforts so investments in people and resources are optimized. We will achieve this by:

– Designing our processes so they deliver the required results smoothly and without stress. Do it right the first time.

– Ensuring flexibility in our processes so we adapt to new realities without overburdening. Adapt to change in a controlled manner.

– Minimizing wastes in our processes by continually improving our working methods and procedures. Accept the existence of wastes but always strive to reduce them.

– Combining discipline, knowledge and creativity in our everyday work. The limits to what we can achieve are set by ourselves.


Sustainablity Policy (updated: Nov 03, 2020)

Fitesa champions the responsible management of resource use and is committed to working towards a sustainable society. We will achieve this by:

– Ensuring company stability and profitability, enabling us to share with society through employment opportunity, taxation and social contribution. Sustainability is reached through progression, not regression.

– Understanding and fully complying with all applicable legal and other requirements regarding Environmental and Social issues. Following the law is the minimum standard, not the maximum.

– Working continuously towards reducing our environmental impact:

  • Minimizing the amount of material sent to landfill from our operations. Reduce, reuse, recycle;
  • Improving our energy profile through choice of energy type, choice of energy source and reduction of direct specific energy use. Our energy systems serves our needs without compromising the needs of future generations;
  • Addressing the issue of climate change by reducing our Green House Gas footprint. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

– Taking social and moral responsibility in the regions we are present. Do good, be just.


Equal Employment Opportunities Policy (Updated: Nov 09, 2020)

In order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, employment decisions at Fitesa will be based on merit, qualifications and abilities. Fitesa does not unlawfully discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions), gender, sexual orientation, genetic information, national origin, age, disability, military or veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law. This Policy governs all aspects of employment, including but not limited to job applications and selections, job assignments, rates of pay or other forms of compensation, benefits, training including on-the-job training, performance evaluations, discipline, demotions or transfers, layoffs, return from layoffs and termination. Managers shall ensure that all personnel decisions are taken without regard to characteristics protected by law.



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