Fitesa leads the industry with its global presence in nonwovens operating a number of different nonwoven process technologies, including spunmelt, carded, airlaid, and nonwoven laminating. Each of these technologies delivers unique capabilities, enabling us to offer the best nonwoven fabrics to meet your specific needs.


Fitesa is the second largest spunmelt producer in the world, operating both Spunbond and SMS process technologies. Our modern asset base includes state-of-the-art equipment featuring our Reicofil 3 and Reicofil 4 spunmelt lines. Fitesa specializes in bicomponent spinning with capabilities in the U.S. and Europe with multiple resin proficiencies (PP, PE, PLA). We also provide ultra-light basis weight capabilities, multiple bond pattern choices and surface coating (zone and overall) to our spunmelt offering.


Fitesa employs carded technology to further its fabric offering and global nonwovens leadership. Using state-of-the-art equipment and multiple technologies including thermal bond, resin bond and air through bond, we maintain a broad fiber portfolio (PP, PP/PE and PE/PET bico, PET, PLA, rayon, and cotton) to deliver the fabric properties that our customers need.

Fitesa has the capability to oscillate wind (called “spooling”) bulky high loft carded fabrics to dramatically increase roll length resulting in fewer roll changes for our customers.


Fitesa operates two different airlaid web forming technologies to deliver a broad range of capabilities to our customers. The first is an agitator-type forming system with functional powder, latex bonding, dust cover, embossing, and lamination capabilities. The second is a rotary drum type forming system with layered powder application, latex bonding, and dust cover capabilities.

In addition to standard slit rolls, Fitesa also has the capability to utilize festooned packaging in box or boxless formats that provide a 20 – 30% loading advantage versus standard rolls and significantly reduces our customer’s downtime for roll changes.


Fitesa operates an adhesive lamination line which is capable of joining multiple substrates up to a nominal width of 2 meters. Adhesive is applied via a slot coating die with a typical add-on range of 1-5 gsm of adhesive. The line includes state-of-the-art slitting and winding equipment capable of slitting down to a width of 150mm. The line can join nonwoven fabrics or, more typically, join a nonwoven to a film. Current products include spunbond breathable film laminates for medical applications.