Fitesa offers a complete line of carded fabrics that provide a wide range of physical and aesthetic properties, including softness, extensibility, and resilience. Soft carded fabrics are ideal for coverstock applications in baby diapers and fem care pads. Extensible carded fabrics provide a soft durable covering for stretch films used in baby diaper stretch ears. Resilient fabrics are used in acquisition distribution layers (ADL) to quickly move fluids to the absorbent cores of all hygiene products.

Fitesa Carded Resin Bond

Fitesa Carded Resin Bond (RB) is a multi-denier polyester resin bond fabric. Its resilient and open structure are designed to provide excellent fluid distribution properties, making it ideal for acquisition distribution layer applications (ADL) in baby diapers, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products.


  • Uniform, open structure
  • Resilient
  • Rapid fluid strike-through
  • Excellent fluid distribution

Typical Applications:

  • ADL for baby diapers, feminine sanitary pads and adult incontinence products.

Fitesa Carded Thermal Bond

Fitesa Carded Thermal Bond (TB) is a polypropylene, staple fiber-based, nonwoven fabric. Fitesa can blend in other fibers, such as rayon, cotton, or PLA, to create either absorbent fabrics or Fitesa EcoFabrics with sustainable content. These fabrics can also be created using a proprietary process to deliver extensibility for lamination onto stretch films.


  • Soft
  • Extensible
  • Sustainable content
  • Rapid strike through and excellent rewet

Typical Applications:

  • Soft backsheet for baby diapers and adult incontinence products.
  • Soft topsheet for feminine hygiene products and extensible outer cover for stretch-film laminates.

Fitesa Carded Air Through Bond

Fitesa Carded Air Through Bond (ATB) is made from soft PE/PP bicomponent staple fibers. The air through bonding process locks in loft and compressibility.


  • Exceptional softness
  • Bulk and compressibility
  • Rapid strike through and good rewet

Typical Applications:

  • Topsheet and ADL for baby diapers, feminine sanitary pads and adult incontinence products.