Fitesa manufactures a range of nonwoven fabrics utilizing three different types of processes. Our nonwoven capabilities include: spunmelt, carded, airlaid and branded specialty fabrics. With a variety of nonwoven technologies and techniques at our disposal, we deliver fabrics that are precisely designed to meet your needs.

  • Spunmelt

    Fitesa offers a complete line of spunmelt fabrics that provide a variety of physical and aesthetic properties, including softness, strength, barrier, abrasion resistance, extensibility and sustainability.
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  • Carded

    Soft carded fabrics are ideal for coverstock applications in baby diapers and fem care pads. Extensible carded fabrics provide a soft durable covering for stretch films used in baby diaper stretch ears. Resilient fabrics are used in acquisition distribution layers (ADL) to quickly move fluids to the absorbent cores of all hygiene products.
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  • Airlaid

    Fitesa airlaid fabrics offer a unique combination of physical properties — high loft, softness, hand feel and drape, good wet strength and abrasion resistance, and above all superior absorbency.
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  • Specialty Products

    Fitesa manufactures fabrics for use in the medical and industrial specialties. From oil sorbents to surgical gown and drape, our specialty fabrics can be manufactured to serve any application.
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