Fitesa has developed a complete line of fabrics to address every dimension of softness:

Smoothness – a silky or cottony feel on the surface of the fabric

  • PE/PP fibers
  • Unique surface treatment
  • Proprietary resin formulas

Flexibility – a drapable, supple feel

  • Fiber cross sections
  • Melt additives

Compressibility – a lofty, cushiony feel

  • Crimped fibers
  • Unique calendar bond patterns
  • Staple fiber selection


Fitesa has pioneered the development of extensible fabrics that work with stretch films and other elastic engines to deliver a soft, durable abrasion resistant surface.

Key features:

  • Ease of activation
  • Clothlike softness in laminate
  • Full range of extensibility from 80% to 200% elongation.
  • Compatibility with stretch films and other stretch engines
  • Patented technology


Fitesa offers a range of fabrics that reduce the content of non-renewable materials or that contain renewable fibers and polymers to advance our commitment to sustainability. Fitesa scientists and engineers are continually looking for new ways to make our line of fabrics even more sustainable.


  • Low basis weight fabrics
  • Inorganic fillers


  • Resin and fiber reclaim


  • PLA resin and fiber content in spunmelt fabrics
  • Rayon and cotton fiber content in carded fabrics
  • Alternative bio-based polymers