At Fitesa, we’re always on the cusp of innovation in the lab and in the field. In the lab, our team of experienced product and process engineers work with customers to discover new nonwoven fabrics that provide practical solutions and deliver real value. In the field, Fitesa’s technical service team works hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure that our fabrics deliver superior results.

Because of our efforts in both the lab and field, we’ve constructed special competencies in designing nonwoven fabrics that provide exceptional softness, extensibility and sustainability.

  • Competencies

    Learn more about Fitesa's core competencies - softness, extensibility and sustainability.
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  • Product Development Capabilities

    Fitesa operates a world class Product and Process Development Center in Peine, Germany. The PPD Center is the focal point for the creation of new and improved products for our customers and supports the efforts of our technical staff in each of our factories around the world.
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  • Technical Service

    Fitesa is committed to supplying excellence in technical service to all of our customers. We have dedicated, highly experienced technical service and development managers in all global regions served by Fitesa.
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  • Case Studies

    Fitesa case studies illustrate the technical and development capabilities we offer. In three different, challenging applications we listened to our customers and worked hand-in-hand with them to find a solution for each market challenge.
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