Adult Incontinence Products

Fitesa Spunbond provides ideal fabric for topsheet and back sheet applications in disposable adult diapers and light incontinence products. Fitesa Spunbond is available in a variety of grades, offering exceptional softness and hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties, depending on the end use application. Fitesa Spunbond can be printed.

Fitesa SMS features a multi-layer construction of strong spunbond fibers on the outside and fine meltblown fibers on the inside. This composite fabric provides an excellent barrier for fluids and is ideal for leg cuff applications.

Fitesa Carded fabrics are available in resin bond format (RB), for acquisition distribution layers; air through bond format (ATB), used in soft topsheet fabrics and acquisition distribution layers; and thermal bond format (TB), which provides soft backsheet fabrics and soft extensible coverings for stretch ears.

Fitesa Airlaid fabrics form the absorbent core of light incontinence products. Fitesa Airlaid fabrics provide outstanding absorbency and softness to deliver both performance and comfort.