At Fitesa, we’re focused on the hygiene products market. However we also serve the medical and industrial specialties markets, where our fabrics fit the needs of our customers in a wide variety of applications, from meltblown fabrics to help clean up the environment after oil spills to SMS fabrics for surgical gowns that protect health care workers.


  • Baby Care

    Offering exceptional softness, as well as hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties, depending on the end-use application, Fitesa fabrics are an ideal component for use in baby diapers and training pants.
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  • Feminine Hygiene Products

    Fitesa fabrics form the absorbent core of sanitary pads and panty liners and provide outstanding absorbency and softness to deliver both performance and comfort.
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  • Adult Incontinence Products

    Fitesa provides ideal fabric for topsheet and back sheet applications in disposable adult diapers and light incontinence products. This composite fabric provides an excellent barrier for fluids and is ideal for leg cuff applications.
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  • Medical & Industrial Specialties

    Fitesa manufactures fabrics for use in the medical and industrial specialties. Applications include: sterilization wrap, surgical gown and drapes, and facemasks, industrial protective apparel, air and liquid filtration, oil sorbent materials, agricultural crop covers and fruit packaging, home care wipes, and meat and poultry pads.
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