Fitesa was established in 1973 by Petropar, a Brazilian industrial holding company now known as Évora, to manufacture polypropylene packaging (woven bags), carpet backing and staple fibers for textile applications.

In 1988, the Novotex division was created within Fitesa to produce spunbond nonwovens. Novotex represented a technology breakthrough from which Fitesa migrated to more sophisticated technologies and products for application in hygienic disposables (diapers, sanitary napkins), medical disposables and durable products.

In 1989, Fitesa Industrial Ltd. was established to produce polypropylene staple fibers for application in carded thermal bond nonwovens, needle-punched carpets and rugs, laminated plastic substrates, filters and other end-uses.

Our recent international expansion history started in 2009, when we started producing in the USA and Mexico after a joint-venture with then global nonwoven manufacturer Fiberweb. The joint-venture was called FitesaFiberweb and announced in 2010 the investment in a new plant in Peru. In 2011, Fitesa acquired the portion of the joint-venture that was owned by Fiberweb, as well as the rest of its global operations in the hygiene business, including plants in Sweden, Italy, Germany and China.

Since then, Fitesa continues to invest globally in order to fulfill the vision of being “the preferred choice for the supply of nonwoven fabrics to the global hygiene industry”.